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The BISYODO series’ portable, short-handle type.

- Unparalleled masterpieces with 72 years of tradition and experience -
The BISYODO series now offering a convenient portable series, with items that can fit in your pouch.
Hearing the voices of our customers, wishing to use the BISYODO series at anywhere, we have created these portable items with the same high quality! You can also find some original items made with hair materials that are not used in our stardard poroducts!
BISYODO Short series Item list BS-F-01:Finishing Powder Brush BS-P-01:Powder Brush BS-HC-01:Highlight Cheek Brush BS-C-01:Cheek Brush B-ES-01:Eye Shadow Brush B-ES-02:Eye Shadow Brush B-ES-03:Eye Shadow Brush B-ES-04:Eye Shadow Brush B-ES-05:Eye Shadow Brush B-SL-01:Shadow Liner Brush B-L-01:Lip Brush B-L-02:Lip Brush B-EB-01:Eyebrow Brush B-BC-01:Brush & Comb B-M-01:Mascara Brush

BISYODO Long series