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Uyeda Bisyodo is the Japan’s only “Raw Hair Importer & Processing Company”.Uyeda Bisyodo is the Japan’s only “Raw Hair Importer & Processing Company”.

Company History

Founder Ueda Takeichi begins selling processed raw hair for brushes, in Higashi Osaka City.
Ueda Takashi inherits the company – in addition to processing hair, importing and distributing China-made raw hair for brushes begins
Trades begin with South Korea, Taiwan, USA and Europe
At the same time, refinement and brush processing of China-made raw hair is conducted in South Korea and products are imported and exported
Headquarters is built in Yao city (current location)
Manufacturing,distribution and import/export of several brushes including makeup and paintbrushes begin
Development, manufacturing and distribution of machinery for brush processing begin
Establish Ueda Co.,ltd – Ueda Takashi nominated as CEO
Import and distribution of drawing tools from Asia and Europe begin
Establish Bisyodo ltd as a sales company for the make-up brushes aimed at corporations and private clients
Ueda Yoshitaka nominated as CEO
Ueda Yoshitaka nominated as CEO of Ueda Co., ltd
Drawing/make-up brushes wood handle coating factory begins its operation
Company changes the name to Uyeda Bisyodo Co., ltd
Uyeda Bisyodo homepage is launched, all products undergo renewal
Brand “BISYODO” in operation
Creation of “alba” and “Cheri”, to let younger generations know about true high quality make-up brushes
Start to participate in foreign exhibitions, in order to promote the pure Japan-made make-up brushes outside Japan.
2017 January
Nominated “Osaka-made brand 2016” in the traditional craft category
2017 February
Chosen as Yao City memorial product for “benefit-your-locality” tax scheme
2017 June
Expansion of drawing/make-up brushes wood handle coating factory